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September is a busy month for university students, filled with the excitement of moving to a new city or settling into local halls to experience university life.

Now, picture yourself moving into your new home for the next few years, only to find it dirty and messy. While it’s true that student life can sometimes lead to untidiness and mess, it’s not an ideal way to feel comfortable while trying to settle in.

That’s why we’re here to assist you.

Why Student Accommodation Cleaning?

Our Projects

Student Accommodation Cleaning

We’ve got the experience. We’ve tackled a lot of large and small projects over the years, especially when it comes to cleaning up student accommodations. We’re proud of our work which you can take a look at a handful of them clicking the button below of the top-notch service we deliver to our clients.

Revitalising Freshers' Experience

We aim to make the moving-in day even more memorable by providing freshly cleaned halls on students’ arrival. As an experienced student accommodation cleaning team, we understand the most effective and efficient methods to deliver outstanding cleanliness.

To ensure the satisfaction of your student lodgers and provide them with a spotless and healthy living environment, reach out to our dedicated student accommodation cleaners. We’ll ensure that the “fresh” is truly put into freshers.

What We Clean

How We Work

The Cleaning Process

We can help transform a dirty and grimy student accommodation into a welcoming and clean living space. We understand the significance of a fresh start for students, and our approach is designed to deliver spotless, inviting accommodations for the beginning of their university journey.


Contact us. We’ll discuss your specific needs, the number of rooms, the size of the rooms, and the layout of the accommodation to make sure we can provide you with a detailed, competitive quote.


Our team of experienced cleaners, armed with the latest in cleaning technology will thoroughly clean each room, common area, and facility. We focus on deep cleaning, sanitising, and making every space ready for study and relaxation.


After the cleaning, we will conduct a final inspection to guarantee every area meets our high standards. You will be left with a pristine and hygienic living environment, ready for students to move in and start their university experience in a clean and healthy setting.

Pricing Plan

Pricing List

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