Liverpool Commercial Cleaners

We’re the One of The Best School Cleaning Companies Liverpool Has

We’re the One of The Best School Cleaning Companies Liverpool Has

Christmas is Coming, Time for School Cleaners to Work Their Magic

Seriously, we really are one of the best school cleaning companies there is in Liverpool!

With half term already feeling like a distant memory, it won’t seem like five minutes until the Christmas school holidays are upon us.

You’ll probably be leaving a grimy, post-party dining hall behind you and want to start 2017 somewhere spotless, so now is the time to book one of the city’s leading school cleaning companies.

Liverpool Commercial Cleaners undertakes commercial cleaning contracts of all types throughout Liverpool and surrounding areas. Our specialisms are construction cleaning and school cleaning.

We focus 100% on commercial cleaning contracts, so we are used to working in public spaces and for the public sector. From the administration to a professional approach to the job at hand, you can rely on us for everything you need.

One of Merseyside’s Leading School Cleaning Companies

We are professional school cleaners.

We know how difficult it is to keep a building clean when it is regularly full of children and we have the specialist equipment to tackle the mess they leave in their wake.

Our commercial cleaning contracts see us visit many schools in the region on a regular basis but it is during the school holidays when school cleaning companies can really lay the foundations for the new term ahead.

For health and safety reasons, as well as simply for the fact that it is nice to work in a clean space, it is well worth investing in a deep clean of your school over the holidays.

When you leave at the end of term – especially this term, when muddy footprints and party food have been more prevalent than they were a few months ago – let one of the city’s top school cleaning companies in to get the place ship shape.

The Professional and Friendly School Cleaners

We use as many natural cleaning techniques and practices as possible, so you won’t come back to school to find chemical smells.

While other school cleaning companies can use harsh cleaning products to break down dirt and grease, we get the job done without the need to use anything that could be a potential allergen or irritant.

Being relied upon as one of the top school cleaning companies in the region our Christmas holiday rota is booking up fast so if you would like to obtain a quote and step back into a sparkling school in January, contact us today.